Rhyth:MIX - Rhythmic class making music

Rhyth:MIX - Rhythmic class making music „In the center of the groovigen Workshops the rhythmic class making music without instruments stands. Bodies and voice are used as universal rhythm instruments. The varied added are Body Percussion, Vocal Percussion, RAP and Stomp.

Actively experienced those participant inside which it is called traditional (e.g. Schuhplattler) be discovered rhythmically again, exotic (e.g. minimum Music) cool be mediated and as with exercises and plays team spirit and class community be promoted can. Additionally Richard gives numerous Tipps to felt as from the class a peppiges rhythm ensemble becomes.

Course contents: Rhythmic basis training, Body Percussion, Vocal Percussion, Rhythmicals, RAP, rhythm with everyday life articles, Begleitmodelle to RAP and Songbegleitung.

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